Eastern Regional Amicae Officers

Eastern Regional Amicae Affairs Coordinator

Greetings Amicae and Friends of “The Electrifying Eastern Region”! 

I am excited and humbled to have this opportunity to work with the Amicae Auxiliaries in the Eastern Region. We will be focusing on Communicating, Educating, Re-Branding and Recruiting, as directed from our International President, Madame Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker.

Working together, we will strengthen our Amicae Auxiliaries and Leaders, enhance our friendships, grow our memberships and serve our communities!

Carolyn Corbin

Carolyn Corbin

State Amicae Coordinators

 Rita Andrews 

District of Columbia 


Tanyon R. Martin 

North Carolina


Christina Finley

Commonwealth of Virginia 


Blanche C. Morton 

West Virginia 

Regional Amicae President

Amica E. Regina Joyner                             Eastern Region President

I am truly honored to serve as the Zeta Amicae Regional President of the Electrifying Eastern Region. With this leadership, I am privileged to work with the District of Columbia, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. I became a member of the Zeta Family in September of 1992 with Zeta Amicae of Goldsboro, sponsored by Zeta Chi Zeta Chapter. During my membership with the Zeta Amicae of Goldsboro, I served as vice president and president of the auxiliary which I have been a member for 26 years. Currently, I am a member of Zeta Amicae of Greensboro, NC sponsored by Beta Nu Zeta Chapter.

We, Zeta Amicae, are many members of one body, which we truly do “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”. 

Amica E. Regina Joyner Eastern Region President

State Amicae Presidents


Amica Joan Johnson 

District of Columbia Amicae President


 Amica Latoya Siler

North Carolina Amicae President


Amica Ethel Jenkins

Commonwealth of Virginia President


Amica Nikita Lowe  

West Virginia Amicae President